Our paper on viral diversity on Uruguayan bats, and the potential of Herpesvirus as ecological markers featured on Uruguay's newpaper "La Diaria".

Available (in spanish) here

Getting close to finishing one important phase: I'll be presenting my doctoral defense on Jan 4th, 2021 (1pm MST / 5pm URY)

MSU Calendar event (w/ meeting details):

Our latest paper on grassland fragmentation and rabies emergence featured on the weekend edition of Uruguay's newpaper "La Diaria"

Available (in spanish) here

New paper published today in EcoHealth, showing the effect of grassland fragmentation on rabies outbreaks' emergence in Uruguay

Available here

Interview for national newspaper in Uruguay (La Diaria) on the potential effects of exposure of wildlife to humans potentially infected with COVID-19. Available here

Interview for national newspaper in Uruguay (La Diaria) on the relationship of human intervention on natural systems and the emergence of wildlife pathogens. Available here

The Fulbright Comission in Uruguay highlighted our dissertation topic in light of the COVID pandemic, as a study on disease emergence determinants. Accessible here.

Our research featured as example of integration of cross-sectional and longitudinal data for ecoepidemiological studies, in this Photo Gallery article in the ESA Bulletin, by Amandine Gamble (UCLA) and others. Available here

The Ecology research paper on Next-generation Serology that this photo gallery is illustrating is accessible here

Article on national newspaper in Uruguay (El Pais) featuring an interview about the relationship of bats and their conservation with transmission of infectious diseases. Available here

Radio interview to Dr. Adriana Delfraro about our new research project on Bat's virus in Uruguay and its relationship with the Coronavirus outbreak and other Coronavirus. Available here (audio in spanish)

One of our field sites: Grutas de Salamanca (Salamanca Caves, Maldonado, Uruguay) featured in a local media show on nature and tourism in Uruguay: Contacto (Canal 11, Punta del Este). The episode includes interviews to researchers working on bats and epidemiology, archaeology and speleology.

Watch the complete episode here (audio in spanish)

New paper on the conservation status of the bat species in Uruguay, now published in the Journal of Neotropical Mammalogy. Available here

Also, the distribution maps used for the analysis are available here (in html format)

The work of the Biodiversidata consortium, led by Florencia Grattarola, featured in local media in Uruguay.

La Diaria's article available here

Biodiversidata home page: here

The first data paper on an open-access repository of biodiversity information for Uruguay, from the Biodiversidata consortium is out in Biodiversity Data Journal

Available here

Our paper on the historical context for rabies' outbreak in Uruguay is out in Epidemiology and Infection

First paper of the PhD Dissertation!

Available here

Our work on conservation status of Uruguayan bats (in press) featured in local media in Uruguay

Available here

Our work in vampire bat rabies and fragmentation presented at the XXIX Rabies in the Americas conference in Buenos Aires

Book of abstracts available here

Our Ecollogical Informatics' paper featured in Mongabay and Pacific Standard.

Mongabay's article available here

Pacific Standard's article available here

Two new areas for bat conservation recognized by the Latin American Network for Bat Conservation (RELCOM) in Uruguay!

Our Ecollogical Informatics' paper featured in local media in Uruguay (La Diaria newspaper). Available here

Our paper on Tadarida brasiliensis' migration in Uruguay is out! in Mastozoología Neotropical LINK

Our paper on automatic identification of bats from echolocation calls is out! in Ecological Informatics LINK

PhD proposal featured in the Latin American Network for Bat Conservation's Bulletin

Our work in spatial planning of educational facilities was featured in blogs from both the Inter-american Development Bank (IADB) and the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association (LACEA)

IABD Blog piece available here

LACEA VOX Blog piece available here

Some Images from the 2017 Field Season in

URUGUAY (Sep - Dec 2017)

Field Season 2017 URUGUAY

Episode about vampire bats from the documentary series "Wild Science"

(URUGUAY - 2013)